Retired casino chips

Retired casino chips tusla casino

Where do poker chips go to die?

Custom Plastic Poker Chips View larger image. In order for them not to be used again, casino management used to get batches dumped in deep lakes, or mixed into the foundations of new buildings that were being constructed. China poker chips China ceramic poker chips China custom poker chips China clay poker chips China plastic poker chips China mini poker chips. Check the listings here: I would be interested in this effort, too. I was a mouseclick away and I backed out and went with the damn Las Vegas composites instead to save some cash. Johnny5Apr 13,

Large selection of gambling supplies for Poker, Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat. Largest collection of obsolete casino chips on display. $ USD; Authentic Deck Dealt at WSOP Used Copag Plastic Playing Cards Bridge FREE. The Las Vegas Western Hotel Casino Chips are hard to find now that the casino closed due to business drying up. Poker Chip Set pc Chips Casino Aluminum Case Cards Dice Texas Holdem . About half of these are new and the other half used.


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